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7800 vs. NES by 2014-03-06 17:16:41

Winter Haven, FL

Predator Hunter
735 Posts
Which one wins?
re: 7800 vs. NES by 2014-07-22 17:46:20


3 Posts
I've always believed that the two systems are equal. The graphics of the 7800 looked just as good as the NES graphics or at least that's my opinion. Unfortunately the Atari 7800 was not as popular as the NES and not many games were made for it. One thing that I like about the Atari 7800 is that it's an Atari 2600 as well. I wish that the Atari 7800 would've been as popular as the 2600.
re: 7800 vs. NES by 2014-07-22 17:53:30

Coral Gables, FL

Evil Scientist
22 Posts
I think the problem the 7800 had was not one of capability but one of lack of foresight. Atari could have given expansion capabilities to more carts (increased RAM and/or POKEY) like Nintendo did with the NES. Had that been done, the system would have been able to better compete and would have been more successful. It certainly had the ability to display more sprites without any flicker, unlike the NES.
re: 7800 vs. NES by 2014-07-23 22:38:13

Winter Haven, FL

Predator Hunter
735 Posts
Atari was cheap in those days. They didn't want to spend the bucks to add chips to the cartridges.

If only they had built-in a POKEY chip into the 7800's mainboard!




re: 7800 vs. NES






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