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New gaming forums :) by 2011-09-20 13:26:44

Houston, TX

Bug Smasher
123 Posts
Ooooh wow, big deal, internet gaming forums number one million here! But what makes these different than all the others?

They're mostly vector game-related

These are a cross of the old Vectrex forums (R. I. P.) and a vector gaming forum on Yahoo! Groups (also long dead!), plus they take things a few steps further by also having discussions on raster vector ports and even current vector-like online and portable device/cell phone games.

There are also forums for any kind of game console, from the oldest Pong machines to the most current gaming rigs available such as the XBox 360, but the main focus are on our beloved wire-frame games. And even though people who join can have whatever avatar they want (just as long as it abides by Proboards' TOS), there are currently a little over two dozen vector icons on the site to choose from as they wish, covering coin-op, Vectrex, raster ported, and even some current online vector-like games.






re: New gaming forums :)






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