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Pole Position

Posted on Wed, June 04 2014, by Darryl Brundage
If you like retro-racing, you can't do better than Pole Position! Once the pinnacle of racing with it's hand drawn graphics and real steering wheel, Pole Position secured itself in the winner's circle of all-time great racing games!

(Note: the 'start your engines', part 1 title is in reference to my 2600 Indy 500 review. What, me being too lazy to come up with an original review title? No, it's a reference to the Atari racing legacy, is all. Ok, so maybe it's a little bit of both :P ) Pole Position was another one of the several arcade games that was actually made by Namco but distributed by Atari (like Dig Dug...

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2600 Games Worse Than E.T.

Posted on Mon, May 19 2014, by Gregory D. George

Everyone seems to think that E.T. is the worst ever game for the Atari 2600 (even the programmer.) Here are several that are FAR worse!

As you may know, a recent expedition to the Alamogordo landfill in New Mexico was undertaken by a team looking to find the "3 million E.T. carts" that were supposedly buried there. You've surely seen this on the interwebs that they ended up finding more than just E.T. cartridges. And the person who dumped the cartridges said it was more like 700,000+ rather than 3 million.One of the bylines for every story seemed to...

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Black Widow

Posted on Mon, May 05 2014, by Darryl Brundage
So you've refused to play Robotron: 2084 because it's not by Atari? Well, now you can get your fix of dual stick action with Atari's very own knock-off called Black Widow!

In order to hopefully make money in the gaming world, as a gaming company, it really boils down to two things: 1. Make games. 2. Make games ripped off from other games that were huge hits. Granted, I'm sure a lot of people would chime in (/want to hang me) with a few other things to add to my very simple, skimpy list, like games should be fun, addicting, possibly pushing technology to the limits in the point and time they were released (oh yeah, like the 15 minut...

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Word Zapper

Posted on Fri, April 25 2014, by Darryl Brundage
More than just a review of a single game, Darryl gives us the run down on the U.S. Games line up. Wondering if this is their best offering? Hm...?

Word Zapper is a game that I thought didn't get a fair shake. It's not as "horrible" (as I've heard people describe it) as they say; it's no Pac-Man or E. T. (and neither of those games I thought were horrible either, but neither were terrific though, of course). Granted, I'll admit it's not one of the greatest games either, but it's not as bad as others say. Plus I'll also admit you have to consider the source: U. S. Games...not exactly one of the most exalted ...

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Top Five Atari Games that Deserve a Triple A Rehash

Posted on Wed, April 16 2014, by Allie Cooper
There is no denying the fact that Atari games are precious pieces of video gaming history. From the greats of the past, the most brilliant of the present take inspiration. Two years ago, Atari attempted to give its classic titles a new wind through the Atari Arcade; these oldies but goodies were made available for Windows 8 tablet users, too.

There is no denying the fact that Atari games are precious pieces of video gaming history. From the greats of the past, the most brilliant of the present take inspiration. Two years ago, Atari attempted to give its classic titles a new wind through the Atari Arcade; these oldies but goodies were made available for Windows 8 tablet users, too. However, as we revisit these games, we wonder: how truly awesome would these titles be if they w...

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Posted on Tue, April 08 2014, by David Sherwin
Were you jealous that the Atari 8-bit never got this game? Oh, well, now you can play it all you want. If stealing treasure and shooting arrows is for you, you might like this one.

Let me get this right out of the way - Venture is not a perfect port of Exidy's 1981 Arcade favourite. It is, in fact, a perfect port of everybody's favourite $2 garage sale ColecoVision game. Yes - CV Venture has finally made it to the A8 line after 32 years! The choice to make a port of a port instead of referencing Sacred and Hallowed arcade origins has, apparently, caused much teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing over in the forums for reasons that have left me completely flum...

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Posted on Mon, March 31 2014, by Colin Hodder
Have you really given this game a fair shake? Spent more than a few minutes playing it? Is it really THAT bad? Read the review and find out for yourself!

Karateka is a much loved fighting game on home computer systems. In it, you control a Karate guy (the Karateka probably) trying to punch and kick his way to the woman he loves. Along the way you have to kick a bunch of bad guys until they don't move anymore. Every time one of them stops moving, you run to the next one and kick him to death as well.A word of warning though: Although running gets you to the end faster, you have to be careful, as running (indeed standing u...

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Atari 7800 vs. Nintendo NES

Posted on Wed, March 19 2014, by Gregory D. George
There's no way this is a fair fight, right? Well, the 7800 actually did win some categories, read on to find out which ones!

The Atari 7800 was developed in 1983 and released in 1986 and it went on to become a world-wide mega-hit for Atari! Oh, wait? You're saying the 7800 wasn't a mega-hit? Yeah, you're right. I was hoping to slip that past you...It was the Nintendo Entertainment System that was a mega-hit and went on to sell bajillions of consoles and trillions of games back in the mid-80's. Yes, I'm e...

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The Activision Decathlon

Posted on Mon, March 10 2014, by Rob Adair
From the creative mind of David Crane comes a not-so-original concept originally made by Konami, given the Activision makeover, and results in a ten-event game that will really have your palms (and your forehead) sweating!

When Track & Field was released by Konami, it became a big hit due to the unique game control scheme where you repeatedly pressed buttons to gain speed or power, and then pressed a third button for a certain period of time to set the angle of your jump/throw/etc.  It was difficult but addicting all the same, and while the Atari 2600 did get a port (albeit in limited quantities) of the original game, there would be a similar game released by Activision...

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Dungeon Master

Posted on Mon, March 03 2014, by Gregory D. George
Few games are as beloved as the classic Dungeon Master for the Atari ST. And for good reason - It was a revolutionary game that is TONS of fun!

I was introduced to Dungeon Master in the strangest of places: Summer School back in 1988! My school actually had several Atari STs set up in the room where my class was held (Geometry, I wanted to go actually!) Turns out the teacher and one of the other students were hooked on it, and even had maps all printed up to get them through the game! (Yes, still have my copy of the maps!)So needless to say, it was this game that really piqued my interest in the Atari ST computer. Sure, I...

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