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Are you looking for a cheat code? Are you sure? Here's what we got!

Thanks to Peter Hvezda, Damian Gick, Kevin Dangoor, Robert Jung, Lonnie M. Smith, Clay Halliwell, Carl Forhan, Darryl Brundage and others for providing these cheats.

[2600] [5200] [7800] [Lynx] [Jaguar] [8-Bit] [Atari ST]

Beef Drop

There is an Adkins and Vegetarian mode that can be activated from codes entered on the main screen and are in the 5200 manual.

767 enables mirror mode
243 enables 4 extra screens.

These codes only work on the AA 5200 cartridge version. There may or may not be different codes that work on the demo version.

(Ken Siders)

Castle Crisis

Both versions have different hidden screens, and I like to fill up empty ROM space with text. The 5200 version contains the names of everyone who participated in the artwork contest on AtariAge. (Bryan Edewaard)