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Are you looking for a cheat code? Are you sure? Here's what we got!

Thanks to Peter Hvezda, Damian Gick, Kevin Dangoor, Robert Jung, Lonnie M. Smith, Clay Halliwell, Carl Forhan, Darryl Brundage and others for providing these cheats.

[2600] [5200] [7800] [Lynx] [Jaguar] [8-Bit] [Atari ST]


The First Easter Egg
Take the bridge into the Black Castle's maze and look for a room that causes the bridge to flash without any other objects in the room. Here is a tiny hidden room that can only be accessed with the bridge. Inside that room is a tiny 1-pixel "invisible dot" that can be picked up. Take this dot back to the room with the black line on the right side. While holding the dot, you'll be able to walk through this black line to find the hidden room with the words "Created by Warren Robbinett."

Player on the select screen
Hold the joystick diagonally to the right and your player will appear.

Dark Chambers

Press the Color/BW switch.


Programmer Credit
Get to level 25 and save a humanoid. Align your ship where it started the level (about 2/3 of the way down) and the enemies will turn in to "BP" (Bob Polaro.)

G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike

Kill All the Men Cheat
There's a funny trick to kill all your men! Shoot the cobra until 1) only one more hit will kill it, and 2) while it's firing the laser. If you time it just right (it's hard to do), the snake will be destroyed, but the laser will stay onscreen...and all the men will run into it and die!


Faster Shots
Just like with Space Invaders, hold down the reset button when you power on the system.

Indy 500

Quick Lap
On some of the race variations on Indy 500, you can drive your car up through the top right of the screen, reappear at the bottom, cross the track, and earn a point without going through the entire lap.

Missile Command

Programmer Credit
Start game 13, but don't score any points (you also have to waste all your missiles.) The initials "RF" (Rob Fulop) will appear in the bottom right city.

Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle

R2-D2 speaks?
Pressing up on the joystick as the Millenium Falcon travels to the Death Star causes strange sounds.

Space Invaders

Double Shot
Hold down the Reset button when turning on the system for double firepower.


Non-Exploding Bridge
There are a few ways to prevent the bridge from exploding, one of which is to turn into Clark Kent (at the beginning of a new game), then head right to the bridge. DON'T wait for it to blow up, immediately head back left back to the phone booth screen. Right as the bridge is supposed to explode, press Game Select to pause the game, then move the joystick to resume. If you do it correctly, the bridge won't blow up.

Tunnel Runner

Emergency Transport
You can warp once per maze, just hold the button down and jiggle the joystick around in all directions.

Yars' Revenge

Programmer Credit
After killing the swirl in midair, move to where the spot on its back is aligned with the black streak. Howard Scott Warshaws initials will appear.