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Atari Fever - The Atari Times

Atari Fever

Catch it!
by Gregory D. George

August 1, 2000
Are you a true Atarian? Do you proclaim your interest in Atari at every step, or do you hide deep inside for fear of ridicule? Do you salivate over Atari 2600 games that were released back in the early 80's, or do you only look at the latest and greatest games? Are you kicking yourself because you sold your Atari 5200, or are you glad you got rid of the thing and it's horrid controllers? Take the following quiz to determine your Atari fever:

Q1: You're walking through a computer store when you see the latest Atari Classics Compilation. Do you:
A. Pass it by.
B. Look at it but don't buy it.
C. Think about buying it even though you don't own the system it wasdesigned for.
D. Walk up to the counter and demand they release a Jaguar CD version.

Q2: How many Atari Systems do you have hooked to your TV right now?
A. None.
B. 1 or 2.
C. 3 or more.
D. Your wife left you because you only play Atari.

Q3: Upon entering a movie theatre, you see one of the newer Atari Games games. Do you:
A. Ignore it and play the next "greatest" fighting game.
B. Long for the days of Asteroids and Tempest.
C. Plunk in your quarters and give it a go.
D. Ask the manager how much they want for it.

Q4: Upon thinking of the 5200 do you wish Atari had:
A. Never released the thing.
B. Designed better controllers.
C. Released better, more creative games.
D. Given you the authoritative rights to buy every one of them for a nickel.

Q5: What is the best Atari system ever made?
A. Atari 2600
B. Atari Lynx
C. Atari Jaguar
D. Atari made a bad system? Blasphemy!

Q6: When you see an Atari item for sale, do you:
A. Skip it completely.
B. Consider the price first.
C. Look it over for scratches.
D. Snatch it up and yell "Mine!"

Q7: You spot a rare game on ebay. Do you:
A. Look at it for a moment then move on.
B. Research the details and put in a good bid.
C. Stare at it for hours and put in a high bid.
D. Put in an insanely high bid even though you already have 10 copies of the same game.

Q8: When you have kids you will:
A. Show them pictures of you playing Atari when you were a kid.
B. Bring out your Atari for the kids to look at.
C. Let the kids play with the Atari.
D. Name them Pam, Skylar, Stella, Tom, Jerry, and Nolan.

Q9: You�re trapped on a deserted island and can only take 1 Atari cart with you. It is:
A. Asteroids
B. Missile Command
C. E.T.
D. I don't care. Crap, I�d even take Pac-Man!

Q10: The future of Atari is:
A. Bleak
B. Promising.
C. Bright
D. Glorious!

After taking this short quiz, you should be able to determine your level of Atari fever. Give yourself 1 point for A answers, 2 points for B answers, 3 points for C answers and 4 points for D answers.

10-15 points: You're not really big on Atari.
16-20 points: You used to like Atari back in the day.
21-30 points: You love Atari, but you're not crazy.
31-40 points: Consider yourself a certified Atarian!

Yes, being an Atarian is a hard job. People quickly forget the important historical companies like Atari. And it's our job... no... it's everyone's job, to make sure no one ever forgets the company that started it all.

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