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TAT's BattleSphere Drawing! - The Atari Times

TAT's BattleSphere Drawing!

Win a free copy of BattleSphere!
by Gregory D. George

August 1, 2000
Note: The BattleSphere drawing has passed. To find out what happened, please read the transcript which can be found on the main Jaguar page.

BattleSphere is finally here! Now you can blast those lousy Slith fighters with vengeance... or can you?

Many unfortunate Jaguar owners were not able to get even one copy of this fantastic game, while others managed to get two. There will be another run of BattleSphere carts in the future, but only Scatologic knows how long that will be. (Probably sooner than we all think!)

I ordered and received two BattleSphere cartridges. I had plans to buy a 2nd Jaguar and link them together someday. Well, by the time I get around to buying another Jag and find someone to play it, the 2nd run will have come and gone. So, here I am, sitting on a completely unused, unplayed, and unopened copy of BattleSphere. In fact, it's still in the original bubble wrap!

So what should I do with this extra cart? Sell it on Ebay? No. Should I give it away for free?

No one could afford to lose $69.95 dollars on this deal. So it won't be for free, but almost...Therefore, I am officially announcing The Atari Times BattleSphere Drawing!

Here are the important details of the drawing:

The Rules of TAT-BD.

1.You must not already own a copy of BS. This drawing is for people who have yet to experience the full-flavored greatness of this game.

2. If you meet the above qualification, send $1 for every chance you wish to have. Every dollar you send will increase your chances of  winning. If you send in 10 dollars, and 90 people send in $1, your chance of winning would be 1 in 9. The more you send, the better your chances are. Make sense?

3. I paid $69.95 dollars for BattleSphere. Every penny above $69.95 dollars will donated to diabetes research, in honor of Scatologic.

If I was in this for the money I would have auctioned the game on Ebay!

4. The drawing will be held in The Atari Times Chatroom shortly after we reach $70. Announcements will be made.

TAT-BD is a way for us both to win. I truly want to get this game in the hands of a deserving Atari fan who was not able to get a first run copy.

So, do you need any proof that BattleSphere is a great game? If so, be sure to check out the following:

The BattleSphere Website
The Atari Times BS Review
Dave Homenuck's Review

JFPN Review

Kingdom Atari's Review

Randy Femrite's Review

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this drawing, please email me.

Good luck everyone! 

The BattleSphere drawing has had the following entrants so far: As you can see, we have finally reached the required $70 drawing point. The drawing was held on March 31th 2001 at 8pm in the Atari Times Chatroom and the game was won by Jeff Miller. Please read the transcript to see how it went down!

Name Chance
Patrick Kracklauer 60 of total
Paolo De Felice 25 of total
Bruce Clarke 15 of total
Anthony MacDonald 10 of total
David Matthews 10 of total
Jeff Miller 10 of total
Ian Baronofsky 6 of total
Aaron Berger 5 of total
Mark Opsasnick 5 of total
Martin P. Cook 4 of total
Thomas Humphrey 3 of total
Charles E. Nill 2 of total
Chris Smith 2 of total
George Yee 2 of total
Chrysanne Marie 1 of total
Total 160!

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