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We no what we taking about! - The Atari Times

We no what we taking about!

i are the bigust vidoe game fan evr, doods!
by anonumus

July 1, 2000
Editor's Note: Well, you've always wanted to know! This is how non-Atarians view us! Just makes me wonder sometimes. Ah well... At the request of the writer, I have not made any edits whatsoever.

hi. I consider myself a extremely intelegent person. and i cant figure out why you peeple like atari so much. maybee you think atari is cool, but its knot.

this iz tha greetest game evr! ive been a video gamer for as long as I can remeber. Why, I remeber the good old days of playing street fighter 2: turbo on my Super Nintendo. now THAT was a game! I played it so much i could actually see fireballs in my dreams.

the editor of this newsletter asked me to write a article from the point of view of a typical non-atari person. he tinks most of us don't know what we are talking about and are lemmings (whatever that is). well, I'm hear to tell you he is totally wrong.

first of all, i still cant beleve you atari lovers wood think the jaguar is 64-bit. look at the Nintendo 64! THAT is 64-bit POWER!!! IT RULZ! and just so you don't think i'm baised, i have a Nintendo 64, a Super Nintendo, a GameBoy, a original Nintendo, and an Virtual Boy. i am thinking of getting a PlayStation, because of all the games, but I think my Nintendo 64 will beet it.

thees guyz are dumb anyway, back to my awesome article (shut up). its my belif that you atari peeple are total idoits. I mean, why wood you keep byeing stuff from a company that don't know how to market anything. i knoe many atari peeple agree the trammels couldnt market they're way out of paper bag. they are dumb.

then there's the jaguar itslef. it even looks stopid. the red button and dumb air vents make it look dumb. and the controller totally bytes. how could anyone ever know how to controll a game with all them buttons? its not good like my Super Nintendo controler. and what's the deal with the cartrigdes? everyone knows atari is japaneese, but the carts looks like something from a chineese movie. if they wanted to do a style, they should have made them look like there own contry.

see what i mean? 16 bit jagurr sux and theres no way any game on the jaguar could be good. it only has an 16-bit processer! atari say it a 64-bit system, butt we knowe better. they just added processer numbers. 16+32+16 make a 64-bit sistem! atari are really dum if they think we wood fall for that! even Super Nintendo games looks better than this "64-bit" sestem. i seen the alien vs pretador game, and the Super Nintendo game walks all over it. no one cares about a longs boring game like that. we want fast action, not slow, boring, games. also why did atari copy all the games that are on Genesis? didn't they have there own games? oh, i know why! because they both have the same proceser. i guess that made it easy.

in concluesion, i think you shuld all justgive your jagars away. they just dont give you any fun. get a Nintendo 64 and you will see what I mean. and dont say im baised. i told you i have alot of games machines. i know what i are taking about! NINTENDO RULZ!

yeah babee! this iz true 64 bit poweer!

Reader Comments for We no what we taking about!

Don't diss us! by Eric R on 2009-02-13 14:44:06
Don't call us idiots just because we like something that you don\'t!

PS: Your capitalization and, as well as a bit of your spelling, need some work.
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