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News 'n' Stuff - The Atari Times

News 'n' Stuff

From Issue 12
by Randy Femrite

July 1, 2000
SYZYGY Magazine

A new videogame magazine is about to be published with a variety of interests including ATARI gaming. SYZYGY, pronounced SIZ 'i-ji, will debut this July featuring an interview with Doug Engel, one member of 4PLAY,the team responsible for producing BattleSphere.

Articles will feature issues relating to console gaming, past and present, as well as coin-op and other interests related to the gaming community. Orders will be taken on an issue by issue basis.

Are you a Die-Hard?

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night knowing you had to play AvP just one more time? In the dark? Don't be afraid to answer yes. Have you ever noticed the placement of air vents in the hallways as you walk down the corridors of an apartment or office building? You're not alone. Do the black & yellow stripes of caution / construction signs catch your eye? It's just a reflex. Do you view airplanes and helicopters in the sky differently than most people? It's part of your training. Did you feel as if you hit the lottery when you discovered Telegames had released Iron Soldier 2 on CD !?! 

If you answered yes to these questions you must be a JAGUAR DIEHARD. The Atari Times has no intention of quenching that desire! We'll make you hungry for more Jaguar games as the months roll on!

If you are a DIEHARD, or even just a passerby interested in Atari, you can submit your Profile: Atarian story to The Atari Times!

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