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Profile Atarian: Andy Robertson - The Atari Times

Profile Atarian: Andy Robertson

Always time to talk Atari
by Andy Robertson

June 3, 1996
The first ever time I played an Atari it was a 2600 and I absolutely loved it. My little brother and I spent hours playing the 30 in 1 combat pack, The Smurfs and Pitfall.

My first ST taster came in 1989 after seeing Bubble Bobble in an Atari magazine. Three months later I was the proud owner of the 520STFM Discovery Pack and overjoyed with the fact that the STOS manual was just the right size to sit under the front of my TV on so it faced upwards slightly.

In 1992 I purchased a Lynx 2 and five games, upgraded the ST to 1 MByte, bought a second disk drive and a new mouse.

Two years later I bought a STE and upgraded it to 2.5 MBytes. My friend and I then decided to set up a STOS programming group called 'X System Developments' to design games for the ST & Falcon and spent the best part of 1995 writing routines and getting used to the extensions.

It was in the early part of 1995 when I bought myself a Jaguar and a few games after playing Cybermorph at a friends house.

Atari have always been a major part of my life, from the home to the arcade and I use my STE every day for all my needs which range from programming to DTP and it sits proudly between my Jaguar and my 32-bit lump of plastic from Sony.

Whatever may happen in the future I will always have the time to talk Atari.

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