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Breaking News... - The Atari Times

Breaking News...

From Issue 11
by Gregory D. George

September 11, 1997
New! Lexis For Lynx!

Lexis will retail at $28 + shipping ($2 in the UK, $5 everywhere else). This is as low as it can go without paying Dave Dies less royalties, and since we want him to release Centipede too we're paying him as much as Possible :)

It will come with a proper manual, but not a proper box. The card will be a slinky black thing, not a horrid green eeprom. We will start taking orders on August 7th, hopefully. That means you'll get it just before the start of September.

I'm afraid we'll need the money in advance, and the cards will be sent 25 at a time, so get your friends to buy a copy too! There can be no bulk order discounts, since $28 means almost no profit for anyone but Dave, so if we were to do discounts we'd start making a loss. I think $28 is very fair anyway.

If you have any questions point them at Ed Castle, and if you feel the need to lend us $500 to up the process let me know (with $500 we could start production by the 20th).

JagFest A Success

Atari freaks met in Chicago this July to show off their gaming prowess and to glimpse the latest from 4-Play.

"The biggest highlight of the Fest was of course BattleSphere! This game is more than I thought it would be ;) I've got one word for ya, 'POLISHED'. Everything from the intro to the pause and sound options screen is polished to perfection." said Wes Powell.

"I had a few go's at it." said Sean McKay. "I must say that, all of those out there bitching about it taking so long, fine - keep bitching. You'll be sorry if you pass up on it."

Aircars was also there, but was overshadowed by the 8-Player BattleSphere tourney.

JagFest was also the locale for multiplayer bliss: Tempest 2000, Ultra Vortek, Fight for Life, and Primal Rage were the biggest draws. Wes Powell walked away with a unique Defender 2000 music CD for his gameplaying skills.

Some new Jaguar games were announced from Visual Dimensions 3D. Autormaniacs, is a Club Drive-ish sequel where there is much more to explore. Defcon-l, a Tomb Raider-ish game by Dark Knight Games which will feature Highlander quality backgrounds. Some new games were announced as well, but the details are sketchy. An overhead racing game, and an adventure game.

But don't get your hopes up just yet. It is questionable as to when, how, and if any of these new Jaguar games will be complete. Many don't believe a group of teenaged amateurs can create and market such complex Jaguar games. But here's hoping they can accomplish what Atari could not.

JagFest '97 was a great success. Everyone there enjoyed themselves without having to put up with anti-Atarian scum. Hopefully, JagFest can become an annual event in a city near you.

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