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Universal Command - The Story So Far - The Atari Times

Universal Command - The Story So Far

Just where is Andy today?
by Andy Robertson

May 2, 1997
This sounds like it would have been an interesting game were it ever released! If anyone knows Andy Robertson, be sure to prod him about this one!

[Single Player Space Strategy with Multi-Player options]
The first early version of the game that I will release to game-testers will be single player only. I'll add the Multi- Player option in later. Will use the MIDI ports.

[The Player can select from a number of syndicate-like corporations]
In later version of the game you will be able to select Alien races to control, all with their own technology.

[Customize your own Corporation]
At present you can customize your Corp Name; Player Name & Starting Cash. I also plan to be able to let you all edit the company logos. Then might come the game editor to destroy all the challenge.

[Alien species to be discovered/destroyed/governed/allied with..]
At present, the Alien races will only play a peripheral role in your success.

[Research & Development option for technological advances]
Having a complete re-think over technological advances. Yes, they will beincluded but not too sure how to implement them.

[3 separate levels of technological advances]
See above

[Different Game Universe every new game]
Another one for the thinking cap. A request has been voiced to let the player use the same map again and again rather than creating a new one each game. This would be useful in multi- player to decide who is the best.

[MIDI or RS232 link up option]
I've chosen MIDI. The Serial ports are different sizes on the ST and Falcon so making it MIDI is easier... so you can put away the soldering irons.

[Making a play-by-mail option]
This will probably be axed. When I received this idea the game was going to be turn-based but I want to go for real-time.

[Arcade sequences planned:]
What any of these sequences will look like is uncertain. Thinking about putting the arcade sequences to the axe. Universal Command is leaning more and more to a full blown strategy game.

[The Game]
The player starts on a planet and explores the universe at their own speed, discovering the other corporations, alien races etc.. along the way. This way the game will have a much longer lastability because I can randomly generate the universe every time a new game is started. The first half is what I'm still sticking too but re-thinking the random universe option.

Any other way for the game to run means that it is too restricted and I want to emphasize freedom to do what you want in this game. I still agree with myself on this one.

Universal Command will require 1 meg with any extra memory being used to reduce loading during the game. It will be enhanced on the STE and Falcon and will be HDD installable.

[Things on the to do list:]
Trade routes - generates currency, which goes into maintenance and R&D

Space stations for population growth and manufacturing; planetary defense, Docking, trading, repairing of ships, production of equipment etc

Mine the planets for your money and ores. The planets that you take over contain different ores. Some are more valuable than others. Certain weapons can only be made with certain ores. Better weapons, tanks..etc. can be achieved by taking over planets with better ores]

Alien race might be good, - then you could design the race as part of the game

Each player has a tech level that affects the off/defense of his units, and tech advances with time/research.Ships are composed of basic units: Drive/plant/shields/weapons, with a rating on each.troops get their own types of ratings, as do tanks etc..

Scout ships that report on new systems.

Robot ships controlled from a remote link up.

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