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Aircars For Jaguar! - The Atari Times

Aircars For Jaguar!

Multiplayer fun or just an exotic collectible?
by Wes Powell

May 1, 1997
Jaguar owners are being hit with yet another surprise. Aircars was finished right around the time that Club Drive, Dragon and Checkered Flag were released, but for some reason, the plug was pulled on the game. ICD, the company who'll be manufacturing 4-Play's BattleSphere, has plans to bring it out. This is a good way for ICD to promote sales for their own Catbox peripheral.

You see, Aircars supports networking for up to 8 Jaguars; the same goes for BattleSphere. But you need a Catbox to take advantage of this feature, so you can see one of the major reasons behind this release.

I guess you could call it a cross between Hover Strike and Cybermorph... with networking thrown into the mix. Early magazine ratings have been below average, but we know how they don't like most of the Jaguar's products. Sometimes you swear that they couldn't tell a good game if it came up and punched them in the face.

From the pictures I've seen of the game, it looks rather mild from a graphical standpoint. But, graphics aren't the only thing that make the game.

There are a collection of Club Drive fanatics out there, and do you think it's because the graphics are out- standing? No! It's just because the game's quite a riot to play. Aircars has that same possibility. Anyone on the net who's linked up for some deathmatched Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem, etc. will tell you that it's just plain fun. I don't doubt that the same should apply here.

Comments have been made about the game's hills and smooth and realistic movement. Nothing has been said about a jerky framerate, and that's a plus. Looks like we're getting quite a handful of missions and weapons too. Also, I haven't heard a peep about buggy network coding. This means that the Networking sessions should be nice and error-free.

I've heard some bashing of this game and ICD's decision to release it. We have not played this game yet so don't jump the gun and automatically take the magazines' word for it. It could be cool. The limited release also suggests that this game may be valuable in the future. Even if it is going for $59 bucks, I'm not going to hesitate to put it in my collection.

I look at the release as a plus, not a minus. We're getting another game to utilize the Jag's networking capabilities. Now we're getting 3 games to network. I was having second thoughts about buying a $70 Catbox for the sole purpose of hooking BattleSphere up, but with Aircars coming, it makes my purchase more worthwhile.

More info is available at: http://www.icd.com/jaguar/aircars.htm

Be warned: ICD is notorious for not delivering a product once you've paid for it. Just ask Jaguar fans about the CatBox!

Reader Comments for Aircars For Jaguar!

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