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JagFest '97 - The Atari Times

JagFest '97

And this time Atari's not the brain's behind the bash!
by sPiDeR

February 9, 1997
With soaring plans, creative minds, inventive thoughts, a few very dedicated Atari fanatics, and the eager support of headstrong Jag owners, some very cunning individuals have brought forth a project that not only seems to good to be true, but could also be a reality. Welcome to Jag Fest '97! What is it? Our First Annual Jag Fest is a spectacular convention (party) where all us loyal Jag owners will meet in a designated spot, bring all our Jaguar equipment, and go all out in an excellent Jaguar conference. Jaguar spirit will be in abundance, while a tremendous amount of fun will surge through the place and create a Jaguar fantasy world where only Atari Jaguar 64 power will be experienced.

A photo from JagFest 2002What do we have to offer? Look for a Tempest 2000 and NBA Jam play offs. Tons of Jaguar systems hooked up and active, with carts and CDs lighting up the festivity. Also, the highlight of the show will be 16 Jaguars all hooked up and net working with 16 copies of Battlesphere, and 16 TV's all lined up in a massive Battlesphere competition. All the best Jag game's, free shirts, food, and all the work's.

Details? Ok, the location is Chicago IL. We are currently in the process of finding the perfect hotel room. We are also expecting an average of 100 people to attend. The date is the 25th-26th of July. Friday night we should all be there and there will be an informal dinner to situate everyone. Then Saturday from early morning to late at night will be the Jag Fest. Extensive detail's and plan's are still being made.

If you would like to join up, then please e-mail Chad or Kevin with your name and what you will be able to bring.

Also, check out www.cgexpo.com for the Classic Gamer Expo held in Las Vegas!

In your face, rip roaring, beatin' to the curb, high flying, smugglin' in the hood, macin' on them all, jumping up, getting down, lightning hard, Mista Fly, always Fresh and down with the boyz... all with the style and edge of the ultra slick Jaguar.... only with 64-bits of raw Mac Daddy instinct.

Peace Up & Out.... sPiDeR

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