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We're Back! - The Atari Times

We're Back!

The Atari Times gets a HUGE (but barely noticable) makeover!
by Gregory D. George

October 13, 2006
So you've been wondering, "What is going on with The Atari Times? Why haven't there been any updates for months?" Well, a couple of reasons...

Firstly, I'm in the process of starting a new business, and that was eating at my time. So, naturally, TAT took a backseat until the uproar settled down.

Secondly, I'm a pretty lazy guy. I like it when the computer does the work for me. (Isn't that why they were invented?) Yet, here I was manually adding articles to the site a couple of times a week. This meant updating the main page, the news page, the section page, the reviews page, and a few other pages that shall remain nameless. All those updates just for one article. So, I needed a little break. But during that time, I formulated a plan to make everyone's life (especially mine) easier... And that was to put my new PHP and MySQL skills to use for TAT.

So here we are... The new era in TAT! (or era #3 as I like to call it.) The website is now database driven and coded by me, your humble editor. Here are some cool new features...

There are also some significant changes to help writers (and readers)!

And from a webmaster stand point, I can update articles, post a new articles, view/delete comments, add/edit new game information (like scores or cheats), and a few other things I'll keep under my hat. But what's great about it... I don't have to be home to do it! And it only takes a few seconds to post a new article. Which is, of course, good for YOU because you'll be seeing more articles posted more frequently!

So check out the new TAT! It (intentionally) looks the same but there's a lot of new code running the show now. Add some scores or comments. Submit an article. Become a writer! Do your part to support the Atari community!

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