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Video Olympics - The Atari Times

Video Olympics

Pong is the name of the game
by Brendan Onfrichuk

May 9, 2006
Yes, Video Olympics is a collection of Pong games that you would normally see on a Pong dedicated console. Anybody who is anybody has played Pong before and for most people, Video Olympics is awesome. You don't need to huddle around those old Pong units that have the paddle controllers attached to the deck without any wires, just sit back and get ready for the experience that is Pong.


The best part about the Video Olympics cartridge is the variety of Pong games. You can play classic Pong, Super Pong, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer and so on. All of the games on here are worth playing and they are all sure to bring back memories for the older gamers that actually owned a Pong console like my father. The regular Pong variation is like any other, you deflect the ball back and forth with your paddles until somebody misses it and the other player gets a point. As the ball bounces back and forth it will pick up speed and become increasingly difficult to hit the ball. The player to get to 21 points first is the winner. Games like Basketball and Soccer still use paddles but you need to get the ball in the other players net and defend your own. All of these variations are very clever and there are even some that allow 4 players. This gameplay is solid and will never be to old, ever.


It is very hard to be critical about the graphics. You don't need very much to play Pong. Regardless the colors do look nice and bright. Games like hockey have a blue rink and white nets and that works surprisingly well considering how simple it is. The paddles are simply rectangular and don't have round edges disappointingly and the same thing goes for the ball. The middle line from Classic Pong is missing and that is annoying since the "Fuji" symbol stands for the 3 lines in Pong (middle line and two paddles). But overall the graphics do a fine job of displaying Pong on your screen.


Once again it is very hard to criticize something when it doesn't really need it. There is only one sound in Video Olympics and that is the bonk of the paddles. This sound is also used for serving the ball and when you score. I wouldn't have it any other way but it does seem like a waste not to have separate sounds for these actions. But this minor setback does not create a problem.


Perfect. You cannot complain about the paddle controllers because they are 100% accurate. The paddles on the screen move perfectly with the controller allowing for a fast response time. The button on the controller is used to serve the ball and nothing else. The paddle controllers make a perfect match with this game, you can't complain because of how well suited it is.


If you own a 2600 it is a crime not to own this awesome cartridge. The collection of games on it is wonderful and will provide hours of multi-player mayhem. And with how common the cartridge is you should have no problem getting it. Video Olympics is a no brainer because everybody enjoys Pong. This ladies and gentlemen is the reason to own a set of paddle controllers.

Video Olympics

(c) Atari

It's Pong for every video game system!
Yes, yes. There are a lot of variations. This is just boring old Pong.
Video Olympics
System: 2600
Publisher: Atari
Genre: Action
Graphics Score: 75%
Sound & Music Score: 60%
Gameplay Score: 100%
Control Score: 100%

Final Score: 100%

Reader Comments for Video Olympics

basket ball by atari fan on 2007-10-09 16:27:58
I think that the basket ball variation is pretty fun
No button-action by Mateusz on 2014-10-11 18:36:28
It saddens me to see such ignorance of the reviewer, who didn't even seem to read the manual, let alone try out all Game modes.
The buttons are not only used to serve the ball, but also - depending on the selected mode, change it's behavious when if hits the player's paddle. When hitting the button at the exact right time, when the ball hits the paddle, it will trigger either: speeding up the ball, catching it so that it might be moved to a new position before releasing, or changing the ball's angle of flight once it has left the paddle. This is like creating completely new gameplay types, shame the author missed that valuable addition to variety. There's 50 game variations in Video Olympics, after all. :)
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