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Jaguar Multiplayer Games - The Atari Times

Jaguar Multiplayer Games

Have fun with friends!
by Andy Robertson

May 4, 1996
Let's face it. Computer controlled opponents are not usually much cop as an opponent. They fly using the same pattern, punch after a fireball or always overtake you on a straight when you thought you were miles ahead. But against another human it's a completely different story.

Multi-Player games have been around since the dawn of the videogame industry and their popularity has never stopped growing. From golden oldies such as Gauntlet and Bubble Bobble to modern titles like Doom and Street Fighter Alpha, you just can't beat battling it out with a friend.

So on to the Jaguar which has its fair share of both good and bad multi-player games. Lets start with a brief summary of the better games: (In no particular order)

DOOM by id Software 2 Players via JagLink Cable. Doom has 2 multi-player (MPlayer) options; Co-op and of course Deathmatch.

The Co-op game as you might have guessed is you and a friend playing the game as normal but obviously you are both on the same side. Great enjoyment is to be had with this as you watch the second player take all the hits and you run in for all the weapons. The Deathmatch is simple. No enemies, no keys to be picked up to allow access to coloured doors and ALL the levels available. It's just you and another fighting to the death. The game is scored in Frags (Kills) with the player having the most against his/her opponent wins.

RUNNING PROBLEMS: You will be lucky to complete any level when playing Co-op as the JagLink is extremely unstable and tends to crash if the other player is near you with enemies around. Deathmatch is a lot more stable and rarely ever crashes and is probably the most played mode anyway!

OVERALL: Despite its Co-op link problem, it's brilliant and highly recommended.

WORMS by Team17/Ocean 2-4 Players. One of the newer Jaguar games. Worms is set on a 2D landscape with up to 4 teams of 4 worms taking turns to shoot at the other team(s) using a large array of weapons and Street Fighter 2 moves. The graphics are a bit simplistic but good fun and plenty of humorous touches.


OVERALL: A very good game, especially with 2/3/4 players, too repetitive for a single player game.

SENSIBLE SOCCER by Atari 2-64 Players.

Brilliant conversion of the ST soccer game. Viewed from above, Sensible Soccer has fast paced action, superb game play and excellent sound. Hundreds of teams, both international and domestic and loads of competitions. Choose between 2 and 64 players in a tournament (20 players in a league) and have hours of fun. Simply the best soccer game on the Jaguar and unbeatable in multi-player.


OVERALL: If you like soccer then this is the best! Highly recommended. Other good multi-player games include:

* Raiden - Overhead blaster. Good but short-lived blasting action.
* Dragon - Good 2D beat-em up, if a little shallow.
* Tempest 2000 - Limited 2 player action. Superb though!
* Super Burnout - Very fast motorbike racing game. Bikes too big on 2 player mode.
* BattleSphere - You know about this one.

The worst multiplayer games money can buy:

* Kasumi Ninja: Dire side-on beat-em up.
* Ultra Vortex: See above.
* Club Drive: 3D driving game (like Hard Drivin). Slow and unresponsive.
* White Men Can't Jump: Slow and almost unplayable one-on-one basketball game.

Extra Hardware Costs (approx):

* JagLink:24.95
* Extra Controller: 19.95

I hope this can be a guide to people when purchasing the right game for some multi-player fun and not go through the same ordeal that I did when I bought Kasumi Ninja and Club Drive to only wish I had picked up Doom and Sensible Soccer instead.

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