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Rayman Revealed! - The Atari Times

Rayman Revealed!

Learning some new secrets!
by Gregory D. George

April 1, 2004
A recent post reminded me of what a great game Rayman was, and I decided to pull it back out and play through the game again to remember why the game featuring an armless and legless wonder was considered one of the best five Jaguar games according to the polls conducted on this site. After playing through the game for a while, I decided to try out some stuff to see if I could unlock any secrets.

Looking through all of the rest of Rayman's secrets, I found that all of the cheats revolved around entering numbers during the "Walking Hands" sequence, so in my search for any uncovered Easter eggs, this is where I started.

I looked at all of the other codes, and they seemed to be number based. For instance, fifty lives per continue is 5 1 5 2 5 3, or 1, 2, 3 interspersed with a 5 every time. All power ups and maps is 1 3 5 7 9, or everything that isn't even. I made a chart of numbers and kept trying different codes as Rayman's hands walked across the screen.

0123456789 didn't work and neither did 9876543210. I even tried really hard ones like my Jaguar's serial number (1161812612.) I tried about 25 more easy number sequences and I almost decided to give up, not having received confirmations like the other codes receive. Before I did, I decided to take the letters of the alphabet and number them 1 to 26, depending on their placement. With this, RAYMAN becomes 1812513114, UBISOFT becomes 21291915620, JAGUAR becomes 101721118 and ATARI becomes 1201189. I also tried PROTOON, TING and TARAYZAN and every other Rayman-related word I could find. I still didn't get any confirmation sounds.

Frustrated, I began a new game. To my surprise, Rayman was replaced with a completely different character! After running around a bit with the new character, I realized I better pause it and take some pictures. The result is in the included pictures.

I knew that I had seen this guy before, but I couldn't figure out where. At first, I thought it might be Bubsy, but it wasn't. After a lot of looking, I figured out that I remembered hearing about a game called "Indiana Jag" that was supposed to be released by Virtual Experience, but never was. Virtual Experience was a French developer.

UbiSoft is a large developer who is one of the largest European distributors - and they are based out of France. Could it be that UbiSoft had contracted Virtual Experience to release Indiana Jag? Or could it be that UbiSoft purchased their development of the game, but scrapped it in favor of Rayman? Who knows, but this is one great mystery to me!

Unfortunately, Indiana Jag doesn't have the same abilities as Rayman, so it is rather tough to get him through the levels. This is mainly because there is only the one frame of animation for the character making it that much tougher. I tried saving and restoring my game, but when I restarted Rayman was there and Indiana Jag was no where to be found.

I'm still not sure of which code was the one that made everything work, but I'm going to start running through all of the different codes that I tried. It had to have been something that I pressed during the "Walking Hands" screen. If anyone else can figure it out, please email me immediately so I can publish the code that works! April Fools!

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