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Defender Classic Strategy Guide - The Atari Times

Defender Classic Strategy Guide

How to make it through Classic Mode
by Gregory D. George

November 2, 1996
No doubt many Jaguar owners rushed out to buy Defender 2000 the minute it was on the shelf. And I'm sure most of us hadn't played the original Defender in several years, or just never got into the original game. Well, I've had the game for some months now and I've discovered a few tricks that might help you break that million point mark.

Start of Level Tips:

General Tips:

Humanoid Management:

Surviving Hell:

Finally, playing Tempest 2000, Def Leppard (gimme a break, I love DL!), or other loud and fast music in the background will help give you a feeling of invulnerability. And if you feel invincible, you'll live longer!

Score a million!
This is the classic Defender.

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