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I-War - The Atari Times


by Rob Longmire

May 28, 2003
I-War is a first person or third person (depending on the first you choose) game. Where in you are a tank sent into a giant web mainframe that has gone corrupt with viruses. Your job is to drive the tank around the mainframe and pick up the healthy data pods, while destroying the virus infected databases.

I thought they could of done a better job with presenting the story line of this game. Things like using in-game cut scenes . The way they did set up the story with just a simple text printed out telling of the story takes away from what it could of been. The story is there but not developed or setup well enough.


For polygon based games this is one of the better looking ones that made it on a cart and not CD. my big set back is the overdone polygons on explosions and the like. Cause although it looks cool, it slows the game play down. The lighting effects are nice with the shading and all. Texture mapping is good for what is there, but it would be nice if there was more. Keeping in mind the limits of the system I think this was a good job.

Game Play:

A weak point in the game is the game play. Although it is good enough to make this game playable. The sliding that occurs when turning can get a bit annoying with how close some of the data pods are to transporters. Aside from that, the game plays good and I found it to be somewhat addictive.

Sound Effects:

The explosions and gun shots are all rather generic nothing special there. But the music is great I don't usually like dance-ish music. I think the pace the music helps set is really good for the game. It feels more intense than it is and helps in wanting to keep playing it. A great job here.


This I can't really say to be true. It doesn't seem to me when playing through it that there can be more paths or too much in the line of secrets. Unless your one of those who just like playing a great game over and over just cause it's a great game then yeah this is playable a second time aside from that I'm pretty sure that most people will put this back on the shelf after playing it through.


A solid game with some room for improvements but still well worth the money.

Clean up the I-Way in I-War.
You'll make good use of your radar.
The tunnel levels offer some interesting graphics.
No matter where you go, there you are.
System: Jaguar
Publisher: Atari
Genre: Action
Graphics Score: 80%
Sound & Music Score: 90%
Gameplay Score: 70%
Control Score: 60%

Final Score: 75%

Reader Comments for I-War

underrated... by atarijagplayer on 2008-12-30 13:35:47
This is one of my favorite jag games.... I remember magazines giving it a 2 score (out of ten) this game deserves an 8!!!
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