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Announcing Atari Computing Magazine! - The Atari Times

Announcing Atari Computing Magazine!

New ST magazine on the way
by Mike Kerslake

October 2, 1996
Mike Kerslake, a magazine publisher with over fifteen years experience has signed up Frank Charlton, ex features editor for ST Format and Joe Connor, ex Reader Disk/Public Arena editor for Atari World as joint editors for a NEW printed Atari magazine called Atari Computing.

The launch issue of Atari Computing will feature sixty A4 pages crammed with quality editorial. We're delighted to welcome contributions from respected and well known journalists including Graeme Rutt, Jon Ellis, Denesh Bhabuta and Kev Beardsworth.

We're delighted to announce we've signed a deal with the two leading disk based magazines, AtariPhile and Maggie to publish regular sections within the magazine. If you've never seen a disk magazine before we think you'll be amazed to find out what you've been missing!

The launch issue will be on sale at the forthcoming Atari shows so why not attend and meet us? The shows will be held on Saturday September 28th in Birmingham and Sunday September 29th in London, for more details about the shows contact: Goodman International, Telephone: (Removed)

Apart from a darn good read the other thing most of us like is some new software to play with. The Reader Disk concept offers all readers the chance to get their hands on the hottest new software around along with exclusive versions not available anywhere else. We intend to offer one Reader Disk to accompany each issue, buy it or not, the choice is yours!

What we need, now more than ever before, is your support. It's going to be tough to keep going so we're initially planning bi-monthly releases -but this could change, it's really up to you! Instead of wishing us luck post a cheque to reserve your copy today!

Subscription UK Price Other Price
Magazine Only #9.00 #10.00
With Reader Disk #15.00 #16.00

Send cheque/PO made payable to the 'Atari Computing Group' to:

Mike Kerslake
(Address removed)

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