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Profile Atarian: Ludo Sak - The Atari Times

Profile Atarian: Ludo Sak

Atari or hell...
by Ludo Sak

August 4, 1996
It all started on a hot summer day back in 1984. I had worked my butt off during holiday to realize one of my dreams: owning my very own computer! I had just opened the local newspaper and saw an advertisement regarding the Atari 800 XL. I hadn't heard of the brand making computers too (I knew the famous consoles though) and decided to go for the buy. It matched my budget and gave fantastic value for money.

Still being 14, I pushed my dad into driving me to the city and about an hour and a half later I sat fascinated by a machine for the first time in my life. That feeling never changed and thinking back to Atari's golden years it still gives me goose-flesh *sigh* :) None of my friends had one then, but after some two weeks of ownership one of them bought one too, and the local Atari community was borne. All the games I played, with many games newly invented and highly original (love Bounty Bob and River Raid!) cost me some joysticks! (until I bought two Arcades:) )!

Then the first real word processors were written and my fascination with digital design was founded. I still remember my first DTP/word processor packages with joy.

After some major XL-money flow, I decided to expand my ownership with the new flagship of Atari: the 520 STm. Man, did I enjoy that machine! Lots of coverage, lots of games, growing in quantity and quality. Lots of earnings were put into the machine up to 3 years ago, when I decided to buy a Falcon. The gaming faded and professionalism increased.

Of course I still own my Falcon, and with 16 Mb (I love DTP) and Magic!4 running, it sure beats others with effective speed and needed resources. When I see what other OS's do with lots of processor power, huge need of resources (like Windhose'95) and massive swapping I just can't control my grin.

Recently I picked up gaming again with the Atari Jaguar. The price is perfect (I had wanted to buy it for some time) and the games are better! I love Rayman, but get serious adrenaline problems with T2K (frustrating some times though *smile*) and can't wait to get my hands on FFL!

My heart will ever be with the brand that shaped my life. The golden years might be over... but then again I love brass :). Atarians, the market may not always be with us, but in the bitmarket where marketing overrules quality, we stick together. Time shall tell, Atari or hell...

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