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Area 51 Site 4 - The Atari Times

Area 51 Site 4

Blast those alien scum!
by Jess LaFleur

March 3, 2002
This game can be found at my local arcade. It is quite the popular game for such an Anti-Atari crowd that seems to be in the arcade. There is always at least three dollars every day put into that machine (mind you this is a small arcade) some of which could have very well have been my own coins. It is such a well built game and is a very high quality product. Built by who else, Atari Games!

There are some high quality 2d graphics here. Highly detailed sprites everywhere you look. The aliens, the explosions, the alien space ships, the zombies, everything! The backgrounds easily just melt in right with game play graphics and is also very high quality. This game can almost make you forget about all your fancy 3d arcade shooters! 80%

Sound Effects and Music
The sound effects are nice and you have clear crisp sound on your gun shots, your explosions, your alien screeches and your background sounds! You also have the sounds of the woman speaking if you get a secret or other similar instances. Music isn't exactly good at all which if anything is why the score goes down. 80%

Well control is very simple, you take your gun, aim it at an alien, and pull the trigger! Your shot will either hit or miss your target! Of course if you happen to pick up some grenades or missiles you can always press the start button to shoot them right off and kill whatever you see. The gun is very accurate and it is very possible to get 100 percent accuracy on this game as long as your skill permits!

Area 51 Site 4 has a lot of gameplay! If it's either fighting aliens or testing your skills in the training missions there is always something to do on this game! With all of the training missions there are usually secrets in which you can unlock secret rooms, you know if you have got a secret as a large "secret" word will appear where you shot. shoot them all to go to your secret room. There, you can shoot to get your wonderful bonus score points! And Site 4 itself is challenging, shooting the Aliens, shooting the zombies and avoiding the STAAR members is hard work! There are powerups as well in this game where you can often find shotgun shells and machine gun ammo in which you can blast those invaders into oblivion! With practice you can get really good at this game and you will be able to beat it, But do not believe its easy, it isn't. Skill is involved in this game and timing is everything. 85%

I cannot tell you enough that this game is very good. I mean it has great graphics, It has OK sound, amazing control and incredible gameplay. I mean, what more could you ask for in an arcade shooter? There is always fun in this game playing the training missions, practicing your skills. Especially if you are playing with a friend! blasting aliens is just amazing fun! If you are up to a big challenge, you can always just pop in a couple more quarters in the machine and play using two guns the game will be much harder. But will you be prepared?

Screenshots courtesy of The Killer List of Video Games.

It's always good to see the Atari logo on an arcade machine.
"Hello, we're from the church of Ninspendo. Would you like to join our cult?"
In his next movie, Rocky takes on the six armed alien.
Must be some kind of underground alien rave.
Area 51 Site 4
System: Arcade
Publisher: Atari
Genre: Shooter
Graphics Score: 80%
Sound & Music Score: 80%
Gameplay Score: 85%
Control Score: %

Final Score: 85%

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