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Dear Fruitman... - The Atari Times

Dear Fruitman...

Here's some bitter fruit
by Fruitman

December 14, 2001
Your "Dear Fruitman" column is terrific, worthy of a monthly column in a magazine.Unfortunately there are few magazines dedicated to old gamers. Either way, I appreciate how you're helping out youngins who think Yar's Revenge is the stomach condition one gets from too much Mountain Dew.

EJ Kropp

Dear EJ,

Thanks, EJ. You know, I told those guys years ago that they needed me, but NOOOO! They wanted to go with Quartermain and Posty instead! What a bunch of ingrates!

Yep, it's true that the younger gamers tend to forget their past unless it is continually rammed down their throat. While we remain the devoted few, Atarians will, most assuredly, be the ones to make sure that their children never forget where video games truly came from.

Dear Fruitman...

I am a Nigerian.I needed a girlfriend from your country with whom I shall be having fun times with her.My choice of course is the girl between her 16 and 20.She should be able to write and communicate with English.

Can you please link me up?I shall be very much obliged if you respond to my request.



Dear Evans,

What do I look like? Some kind of pimp? Or a dating service? It's not my job to "link you up" dude. If you want a girlfriend, you'd be better off not asking me. <sniff>

Dear Fruitman...

I am a devoted Atari fan and I TOTALLY agree with your article on Atari Times. Nintendo IS and evil company, and I'll finally be happy when they go out of business.


Dear Hohou64,

Hey, I dislike Nintendo as much as the next Atarian, but consider: If Nintendo were to go out of business, who would be left? Why Sony and Microsoft of course! And they aren't any better!

Console games need a revolution. You see, PC gamers have the HUGE advantage of only having to deal with ONE platform. Why has the PC lived so long? Because it is upgradeable! And, there are more games for the PC than for ALL of the console platforms COMBINED. 

The truth is, the old "hardware-model" of video gaming is very outdated. Gaming companies and hardware makers need to form a coalition to create an upgradeable console platform. Similar to a PC, this console could be upgraded by popping off a panel and inserting an adapter card with new graphics chips and processors.

But it will take a great shakeout bigger than 1984 to get them to do it. You see, console makers earn most of their profits directly from the software designers. It costs money to develop for a platform, you know.

So, until something monumental changes, get used to these greedy hardware companies and their incompatible consoles.

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