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Dear Fruitman... - The Atari Times

Dear Fruitman...

Q's all over the place
by Fruitman

December 5, 2001
I just read your article about not getting any questions. I felt sorry. A real empathy. So I just made some questions up for you.

And by the way, you missed another Chick-VideoGame ... Bust-A-Move .No woman can resist.

Chris Benn

Dear Chris,

Hey, thanks for sending all those in. Let me take them one at a friggin' time...

Why couldn't Atari make joysticks that didn't break in the first 3 weeks?

Man, what must you be doing with your joysticks that causes them to break in 3 weeks? Hmm... You must have quite a strong "grip" if you know what I mean.

Actually, I've had pretty good luck with my Atari controllers. I was most disappointed that one of my 7800 controllers died, but the other one still works today.

What was really behind the conspiracy when the Amiga became the ST and when the ST became the Amiga?(When Tramiel took his Amiga and his staff under his arm and marched over to Atari to try to make a successful company.)

Where'd you get this information from, Agent Mulder? There was no conspiracy! The Tramiel Atari was "negotiating" with the Amiga company to buy their technology. The Atari deal fell through, so Commodore bought out the whole Amiga company. Atari was left with nothing but to build their own computer, the ST.

What should I do when people laugh at me for playing games on the 2600?

Look at them manically and smile. Then say, "I know where you live and I'm excellent with a meat cleaver."

Why did the US government bury 100 million copies of ET in the desert?And will their be a Alien ET show on FOX, just like Alien Autopsy? Or like Al Capones Vault?

Back to the conspiracy stuff, eh Mulder? Atari themselves buried the ET cartridges in the desert (New Mexico or Nevada, I can't remember.) They buried them out there because the game sucked, and nobody was buying it! Atari had built more ET games than there were 2600s to play them on! Now that's arrogance for you, expecting to sell another few million systems just for a single game that sucked.

And don't think you can go out there and dig them up either. I understand that cartridges mixed with cement make a very solid ground to walk upon.

As for a TV special... I think perhaps you should ask the Ultimate Atarian about that one. Maybe he'd like to take a trip out there with his video camera.

And my 130XE just isn't heavy enough for a door stopper, what kind of memory can I add to make it heavier?

Err... Why would you use it as a door stopper, when it could be used for a perfectly good doormat?

Just kidding, of course. You should place that 130XE on a pedestal and worship it everyday, as I do mine.

Why didn't people ever put in a digital display on disk drives like Indus?The best invention since the disk drive.

Bah... Nobody wants to know what their disk drive is doing! People are happy to remain in the dark and to let the big boys tell them what do see, think, and hear.

How come Nolan Bushnell never could create another successful video game company? (I don't think Chuck E. Cheese counts)

Very good question. You see, in life, people only have one shot to make a success of themselves. If you blow it, you'll never get another chance again. That's why, when you see an opportunity, you should grab it as soon as possible and not let go!

As for Nolan, he's truly a genius. He gave people something they had never seen before. He knew people wanted video games before even they knew they wanted them. Trying to top Atari is almost as difficult as climbing Mt. Everest!

Nolan was good at bringing together people to complete his vision. They wrote and built the Atari games we know and love. Nolan was the heart and brains of the operation in those days. Today, trying to find that unique thing that people want is very difficult. Everyone is so jaded because they have "Been there. Done that." Is this a conspiracy against Nolan? Probably not.

What should I do with my 410 tape drive, now that I have switched everything to CD?

Why, store it for posterity of course!

Have you ever been to the Smithsonian? Well, Atarians need to start a letter campaign to get an Atari on display. I've visited there two separate times and they have Commodores, TRS-80s, a Xerox Alto, the IBM PCjr, the wooden Apple I (oohhh, baby...), and several other well-known computers but no Ataris! Why is there no Atari 800 of all things? That was just as popular, if not more so, than the Commodore Vic-20!

Or perhaps we should think on a larger scale... Perhaps we should petition the Smithsonian to include a home video game section. And we should make sure they include Atari! Because I think if we left them to their own devices, they would proclaim the NES as the beginning of video games! Yet, somehow they would manage to include a Colecovision, an Intellivision, a Vectrex, a Fairchild, and every other game system except the Atari!

If there is any conspiracy, Chris, it's a massive one by the media and the public to erase the Atari name from the face of the earth. Someone is trying to rewrite history, and we need to stop them at all costs!

What does the Atari symbol really mean?

Some people think it is the symbol for Mt. Fuji in Japan. They are wrong. There is no symbol for Mt. Fuji!

Nolan had the symbol designed from the three vertical lines in Pong and someone decided that it looked like Mt. Fuji. Hence, it became known as the "Fuji" or the "Fuji Logo."

When I see the Atari logo, I remember the classics. It's your job as an Atari-faithful to make sure no one else forgets either. We will get to the bottom of this conspiracy!

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