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Four-F - The Atari Times


Free Fruit Collecting with Fruitman!
by Jess LaFleur

November 5, 2001
I had first heard about this game when it was announced as being finished. So I downloaded and struggled to use it on the WinSTon emulator. It worked pretty well but I wanted to play it on an actual ST and mine was broken. So I fooled around with it forever and finally fixed it. Then I played Four-F and made levels for it until I fell asleep. It's a fun game and I like it.

The Game
It's a puzzle game and I like puzzle games. In this one, you move around collecting fruit. It sounds simple enough and it is! At least until a couple levels into this game. As you move you leave a trail behind you so the more you move the harder it is to get around. You move around to collect the fruit and when you have completed that task, you lock yourself in to move on. Making your own trap by making it impossible to move works for this cause. There is a quite a selection of fruit to collect and the game gets quite challenging as it gets along.

This game has TONS of features for just a little puzzle game. You can use picture files in the .PI1 and the .NEO format and as you go along your trail converts into your selected picture file bit by bit. I like the pre-made levels but after you get tired of playing them you can then go and play a random maze level that the game will create for you! This game also has a built in screen saver to protect your screen and one of the BEST things of all, a level editor! I love level editors! I always am making Wolf3d, Doom/ Doom II, Quake II, and Duke3d levels, so I have fun making levels for it. I like the Password function (save spots are faster but it doesn't make sense for a puzzle game)

Graphics, 80%
They are good but not great. Puzzle games like this rarely have really good graphics anyway. The fill-as-you-move type thing where you show a picture from your trail does add to its graphics score. Also since you can tell what the different fruit are and the fact that Fruitman is a dude is all good. Not the best, but good. 

Sound, 45%
Well... puzzle games never have really good sound, they usually have a little ditty that plays over and over and such and Four-F is pretty much the same, some neato sound FX but nothing special.

Control, 95%
You get quite a variety of ways to move around, do things, and such you can select to use a mouse, a keyboard and a joystick to play the game. A mouse is what's used or at least what I always use to select the options and it seems to work fine. Playing the game is simple and all you must do is move in the direction of your choice.

Overall, 87%
All in all this is an excellent puzzle game. I play this quite often on my ST and you should too. But, only if you like puzzle games. If you don't like puzzle games this game is certainly NOT for you. There are tons of features which I think gives this game a boost and can keep you busy and entertained for quite some time. If this game hadn't taken so long to finally come out, I most likely would have never found and played it.

Click Here to Download Four-F for free!

There's a little man scratching his head on the title screen. Hmmm??
Make the wrong move and you'll be trapped by your own design!
Many of the levels are frustratingly devious.
An example of Fill-In mode.
System: Atari-ST
Publisher: Fruitware
Genre: Puzzle
Graphics Score: 80%
Sound & Music Score: 45%
Gameplay Score: 90%
Control Score: 95%

Final Score: 87%

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