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Name That Game - The Atari Times

Name That Game

Can you figure it out?
by Gregory D. George

October 20, 2001
Is it possible for there to be a game that you have never played or seen before? Could it be that some games may have slipped through the cracks? Perhaps you're not the video game hunter you'd like to think you are? Nah....

Take a look at these images and think about what games they could possibly be. Once you think you have figured it out, send me an email with the name of the game, the system it was for, and the manufacturer of the game itself. If you get it right before anyone else, you could win $4 of Songbird credit for use with any of their games or peripherals! Be sure to read the contest rules before sending that email.

Good luck!

Mystery Game #1,
Hole Hunter

Mystery Game #2,
Beanie Bopper
Hole Hunter Beany Bopper
Won by Jess LaFleur Won by Hillman77@aol.com

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