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TAT Has Secrets! - The Atari Times

TAT Has Secrets!

Shhh! Don't tell anyone!
by The Mystery Man

October 19, 2001
Looking for a secret? Think I'm going to tell you exactly where to go and what to do? Guess again! To find a secret on this site, you have to use your brain.

Now, I understand that years of playing games has probably turned your noodle into mush (but your reflexes are fantastic), but I like to think that Atari people are more intelligent than average gamers. But you know what? I'll give you a clue anyway.

Generally, specifically announced secrets are directly on a page it's related to! So, if there is a secret announced for a particular Lynx game, check out the review pages for that game! Use the search below to find everything related to that game.

Once you've found these pages, read them carefully. And don't forget to use your mouse! Once you've found the secret, you're usually required to answer a question. The first one to answer will be the winner! What can you win? You'll just have to find the secrets to find out!

Now, get crackin' Sherlock! These rules apply to all contests/secrets on The Atari Times.

  1. The winner of a contest/secret will be the one who emails the editor with the correct answer to the contest/secret first.
  2. No person is permitted to win two or more contest/secrets per month.
More rules as I think of them!

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