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Top Ten Reasons for Fewer Contributions - The Atari Times

Top Ten Reasons for Fewer Contributions

Reasons Fewer People Contributed To Issue #2
by Gregory D. George

June 8, 1996
10. Running the Def Leppard CD "Slang" through the VLM melted their brains.
9. They're working too hard to make the world a safer place.
8. Scumsucking EGM bozos burned all their material.
7. Everyone is swamped with the pile of Jaguar games released this month.
6. They thought Issue #1 could never be topped.
5. They were captured in a covert Micro$oft raid.
4. Too many people were fantasizing about all the money being made on Atari's stock.
3. They've been busy smashing all the free PlayStations Sony sent.
2. News of World Class Cricket making it has everyone paralyzed with anticipation.
1. They found the final secret code for Defender 2000 and vanished!

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