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Songbird Commercial Now Available - The Atari Times

Songbird Commercial Now Available

Check out the four Songbird releases in one 30 second spot
by Gregory D. George

May 31, 2001
I always wondered why there were so many nifty commercials for BattleSphere, but none for the great games like Protector and Skyhammer? Well, this is now changed!

Our story begins as I was enhancing a video I filmed way back in high school (1988!) and I got to thinking... There's some good video of the Songbird games at my disposal, why don't I cut together a commercial featuring them? For all Carl has done, it'd be the least I could do.

I took the video, cut out the slow bits, and added some titles... But alas! I was missing music! Carl was good enough to customize one of the Protector tunes just for the commercial, but the tempo was just a bit too slow for the fast-paced commercial. So I increased the tempo 20% and then the music fit perfectly.

Download the commercial now!

Please support Songbird by purchasing some of the Jaguar games.

One last thing... I had a blast putting this commercial together. If you have an idea for another commercial for any other Jaguar game or games, please let me know! I think a commercial for the Jaguar shareware games would be excellent!

Songbird Has
Your Game
Only for Jaguar!

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