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The Atarian Perspective - The Atari Times

The Atarian Perspective

Or, "Why don't I own a copy of BattleSphere?"
by Randy Femrite

May 17, 2001
I got mad at myself the other day and here's why: I was bummed out because I was a Jaguar owner. I was on edge because my JUGS was ordered but I had no BattleSphere cartridge. I was upset because my vacation coincided with the recent BattleSphere auction and money was tight. When no word was available on the second BS run I set my sights on a Nuon enhanced DVD player that I couldn't afford.

I had planned on adding a Primal Rage and NBA Jam to my collection but I knew I needed to focus on obtaining a Catbox in order to possibly someday network my prospective Aircarstitle(s). My stress level increased facing the responsibility of buying another Jaguar to use in conjunction with my computer once I was finally ready for JUGS. Not to mention some idiot/genius creates a rotary controller that everyone is raving about.

Then it hit me so hard I almost started laughing out loud. Here I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to manage all of this. The mere fact that I have the OPPORTUNITY to do all this really put things in perspective. Jaguars are plentiful and inexpensive plus titles are relatively abundant and affordable. I can purchase both BattleSphere and Aircars in the same time period. Catboxes, something I once thought only existed in magazines, do pop up from time to time. Iron Soldier 3 is a reality and I don't have to buy a Playstation for it. T3K and VLM2 will be available on the same system will be produced by the Yak himself. Maybe I'll ask my wife to put the rotary controller on her Christmas shopping list.

All this, plus I'll be able to download software from my computer into my Jaguar in the year 2000. What is there to be bummed about? Life is good, be happy, be proud to be a Jaguar owner.

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