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BattleSphere Drawing Transcript - The Atari Times

BattleSphere Drawing Transcript

Did you get in on it?
by BattleSphere Fans

March 1, 2001
We did, in fact,have the BattleSphere drawing on March 31, 2001 at about 8:10pm EST. The winner was Jeff Miller, and was he excited! I'm glad to see him so happy at winning and hope he enjoys the game as it should be enjoyed. An interview with him will follow shortly.

Below is the entire transcript of the chat. Be sure to read the lower part of this transcript if you are still in need of a BattleSphere cartridge!


ggeorge747: Hello Everyone! The Drawing will be at 8pm with chat starting at 7.

ggeorge747: It's about 6:20 EST now. The chat will begin at 7.

ggeorge747: But I'm here hanging out until everyone arrives.

paolo1: Hi George

paolo1: p.defelice here!

ggeorge747: Paolo, you made it.

paolo1: well it's half past one in the morning here in Italy, but I couldn't miss this meeting!

ggeorge747: Now we need something to do until everyone arrives.

ggeorge747: Wow! That's dedication!

paolo1: You know, Greg, I don't think I'm going to fell asleep, now. But is EST time like New York time?

ggeorge747: What kind of Jaguar do you have? NTSC or PAL?

ggeorge747: Yes. EST=Eastern Standard Time. It's the same as NY, Boston, Norfolk, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, etc...

paolo1: I bought it at VGLQ (or at flashback I can't remember, I bought so many Jag stuff...) and it is an NTSC Jag unit +CD, I plug it via RGB SCART connector

ggeorge747: I'll give away the first CD at 7:10.

ggeorge747: I've got a box full of little scraps of paper.

ggeorge747: Each represents one of the tickets you bought.

ggeorge747: I'll draw a name from the box, and that will be the winner.

ggeorge747: The CD drawing is a little different.

ggeorge747: Each contestant has one name in a box.

ggeorge747: I'll draw the name, and if they are here in the chat room, they will win an Atari CD.

paolo1: You know what? It would have been more interesting with a webcam: it would have added more thrill!

ggeorge747: True. But I haven't invested in a web cam yet.

paolo1: Is that thigs expensive in the US?

t2x1r1: hello

ggeorge747: Probably around $75-100.

ggeorge747: Welcome T2xlrl!

t2x1r1: i'm just catching up

ggeorge747: Catching up...?

paolo1: Wow! here you can find a good philips webcam at less than $50, but there is also something less good as 30$!

t2x1r1: about the cd drawing and how everything is being done on the draw

t2x1r1: are you taking attendence for the draw

ggeorge747: Well, I couldn't think of a better way to have the drawing.

ggeorge747: And I thought offering Atari CD's would be a nice consolation.

ggeorge747: No, there's no taking of attendance.

ggeorge747: The only reason for attendance is to win the Atari CDs.

ggeorge747: And, of course, to know immediately if you've won the game.

paolo1: Hi t2x1r1! are you a partecipant at the BS drawing?

t2x1r1: yeah, I'm anthony

t2x1r1: I assume you are too paolo1

paolo1: Yes I am. Are you from Europe or US?

paolo1: Your second name has something scottish in it

t2x1r1: actually I'm from Canada, and you

paolo1: (ah excuse me, I am Paolo De Felice)

t2x1r1: teh name is both scottish and english

paolo1: and I am from Italy

t2x1r1: cool, are you and avid jag collector

paolo1: Are you bilingual (EN+FR)?

paolo1: Are you bilingual (EN+FR)?I am using a stupid

t2x1r1: internet explorer, 5.1????? I think.

t2x1r1: I only know en

paolo1: Well, as avid as I can be so far from the ACTION!

ggeorge747: I was using Netscape 4.6 earlier, but it doesn't update this chatroom as good as IE5 does.

t2x1r1: what languages do you speak

paolo1: No! 4.0 Here at home I don't use Internet much, so I don't upgrade the browser!

atari_rob: hey everyone

ggeorge747: Hi Rob! Good to have you here!

t2x1r1: hello

paolo1: Italian and English (let's say I do my best with English, and I hope people understand me.

t2x1r1: don't worry I still have problems

paolo1: Hi Rob.

atari_rob: I speak English and French (I'll be going to Quebec in a few days)

t2x1r1: what are you going to Quebec for ?

paolo1: Are you from US Rob?

atari_rob: I'm going for school, and I'm from Canada

paolo1: So you study English the same amount of time you study French?

t2x1r1: where abouts, I'm from alberta

atari_rob: yeah, pretty much. At least 50% of all my subjects have to be taught in French.

atari_rob: I'm in Manitoba

paolo1: Is there a good (or great) Atari comunity in Canada?

csm3: I'm chris

paolo1: You know I bought some ST software at Homa Systems.

csm3: I'm just going to hang out and not say much, i'm kind of tired

t2x1r1: there is some, but not as much as I would like to see

paolo1: Hi chris!

atari_rob: not around here... I know of an Atari ST club but that's about all...

atari_rob: hey Chris

csm3: Thanks for the 3 TAT's, you didn't have to do that, but I appreciate it.

ggeorge747: Chris, not a problem. You sent me three stamps!

t2x1r1: hi chris

csm3: rob, do you have a new a new web page?

t2x1r1: is homa systems in canada?

atari_rob: yep, it's linked to my name.

paolo1: Yes. wait I check in my links...

csm3: hey about that atari, survivor, how many people do you have?

ggeorge747: BTW guys, if your site isn't already listed on my bookmarks page, you should let me know because...

paolo1: Yes. wait I check in my links... OTTAWA

atari_rob: I have 2 people so far.

ggeorge747: They will all end up becoming the site of the week.

atari_rob: Greg, can you list my site please?

t2x1r1: rob I can't open your site

csm3: man! I thought it'd be kind of funny. I'd do it.

atari_rob: argh, stupid geocities... I'll change the link on my name and see if that will work, one moment...

ggeorge747: Not a problem. (Unless I forget, which is why I do things immediately!)

csm3: You might have to cut it in half. What do you think

atari_rob: ok try that

paolo1: Hey greg, you know you have a very complete bookmarks page?

t2x1r1: still not working rob

ggeorge747: Ok. You guys ready for the first Atari CD draw?

t2x1r1: yeah

csm3: no problem : )

atari_rob: crap... ok, try reloading the page a bunch of times, or clicking on the address bar and hitting enter even once it doesn't work...

paolo1: OK

ggeorge747: Here we go...

atari_rob: drum roll

ggeorge747: I don't think Patrick K. is here, is he?

atari_rob: doesn't look like it....

t2x1r1: dddddrrrrrrrrrrrrr

ggeorge747: Ok, let's try again...

paolo1: ... so ... anothere drum roll

ggeorge747: Ian's not here either... Grr...

t2x1r1: how many draws are taking place tonight?

csm3: are these full jaguar games that you programmed in your spare time? jk

ggeorge747: Anthony MacDonald! First Atari CD!

t2x1r1: yeah

t2x1r1: what do I do now

ggeorge747: You're here, right?

t2x1r1: I'm anthony macdonald

ggeorge747: Ok. Cool. Look in the mail in a few days for your Atari CD.

ggeorge747: There are a total of 4 Atari CDs to giveaway plus the BattleSphere game.

t2x1r1: sweet, thak you so much

paolo1: Aha 4CDs. I didn't know this!

csm3: are you going to space these out?

ggeorge747: I'll give the next CD away at 7:30 est.

csm3: nice

csm3: ggeorge, there have been a ton of TAT updates lately?

brclarke: Howdy

ggeorge747: (sarcasm on) Wonderful news guys...

ggeorge747: My area is in a severe T-storm watch...

t2x1r1: hhi bruce

ggeorge747: e the power doesn't go out.

brclarke: Howdy.

csm3: funny

ggeorge747: Oops. I HOPE the power doesn't go out.

t2x1r1: if it does will the draw be rescheduled

t2x1r1: brclarke how you doin

ggeorge747: Yes, we'd have a rescheduled draw.

ggeorge747: It looks pretty clear outside, but the power tends to go out around here even for a sprinkle.

t2x1r1: rob, can I get the link again

paolo1: Now we'll have lots of drumrolls...

ggeorge747: Chris, what was your question about updates?

t2x1r1: never mind

atari_rob: SHOOT! I posted the wrong link! no wonder it didnt' work

atari_rob: http:

atari_rob: www.geocities.com (slash) jaguarcanada

csm3: it just seems lately, there everyother day, how long do you think you can keep them comming?

t2x1r1: thanks rob

csm3: Cause I know you said, before you got burned out.

t2x1r1: nice site

ggeorge747: Chris - A lot of it is stuff I've had for a while that has been redressed.

csm3: oh,

ggeorge747: What burned me out was folding 300 paper newsletters each month. For FREE!

csm3: i'm impressed... I still have some of your first

ggeorge747: There still is a lot of content that is new, like the AvP review, the Baseball Heroes review, and the Super Asteroids Missile Command.

csm3: 300 is a alot

ggeorge747: Ready for the next Atari CD?

atari_rob: I'm back, my PC crashed

atari_rob: thanks anthony

ggeorge747:Heh... Atari STs don't crash!

paolo1: How are you right!

ggeorge747: The 2nd Atari CD goes to....

t2x1r1: you're welcome

ggeorge747: George Yee... Not here...

ggeorge747: We'll try again...

ggeorge747: Bruce Clarke! Speak up if you're still here!

brclarke: What exactly is on the CD?

ggeorge747: I'm glad someone finally asked!

csm3: bootleg britany spears

brclarke: Wow! Her initials aren't BS for nothing!

ggeorge747: Lots of Atari stuff I've been collecting for years...

t2x1r1: that wasn't punny

ggeorge747: Atari TV commercials, Jaguar graphics, Lots of ROM images (no emulators though),

atari_rob: same initials as Battle Sphere....

brclarke: Sounds interesting. Does it have THE CAVE? Yahoo!

ggeorge747: MP3s for Defender 2000, Tempest 2000, BattleMorph, BattleSphere

ggeorge747: Bruce, Yes it has that cheesy infomercial on it.

ggeorge747: It also has the entire Atari Times website on it. (Everyone should have a copy...)

brclarke: Excellent! If you've never seen THE CAVE, it is a very hokey, unintentioanlly funny infomercial for the Jaguar...

atari321: I'm ready to win a CD

paolo1: Things for collectors, eh. It should be very nice.

ggeorge747: And you are... (atari321)?

Atarian2049: *yawn*

Atarian2049: Evening, all

ggeorge747: Next CD draw will be at 7:45 est.

atari321: yes(no name)

ggeorge747: Ok...

ggeorge747: I'll be back... I'm going to eat some corn.

Atarian2049: mmmm corn....

paolo1: Pop corn? Boiled, ...?

brclarke: Hey, anyone see the aurora last night - they say you could see it as far south as Phoenix - but too cloudy for me to view it.

Atarian2049: Too many clouds....

t2x1r1: I didn't even know there was one

brclarke: Take a look later tonight - if it's clear you might get to see it as the solar storm is still on.

ggeorge747: Is Ian, Patrick, or George Yee here? Otherwise, I'm not including them in the CD draw.

ggeorge747: The next CD goes to...

ggeorge747: Thomas Humphrey here?

ggeorge747: If not, the CD goes to...

LordoftheBattleSphere: Does anyone know where I can download BattleSphere?

ggeorge747: The 3rd CD goes to Paolo!

t2x1r1: not bloody likely

csm3: yeah, there's a link on my atari emulator page

LordoftheBattleSphere: Cool, what's the URL?

t2x1r1: is there really?

paolo1: Yes!

brclarke: But _you're_ the Lord of the Battlesphere - don't _you_ know?

ggeorge747: Paolo, you here?

paolo1: Thanks, a lot!

LordoftheBattleSphere: I'm just _A_ lord of the battlesphere. Collect them all...

danavc: hey

ggeorge747: One last CD to give away. At 8 just before the BIG draw!

paolo1: I understand this might cost a bit, so feel free to ask me to pay the postal expenses

ggeorge747: Hello Dan!

danavc: what did I miss,I just got home

t2x1r1: chris, where's your emulator page?

ggeorge747: We've given away three Atari filled CD so far.

t2x1r1: dan you missed the third cd giveaway

csm3: My jag emulator?

danavc: hey george

csm3: you can run it on a 486 full speed

LordoftheBattleSphere: I don't think you CAN emulate the jaguar.

danavc: what CD?

t2x1r1: yeah the jag emulator

ggeorge747: Who's George????

LordoftheBattleSphere: PCs are still stuck with 16 bit components


LordoftheBattleSphere: My best friend says BattleSphere sucks and I need to prove him wrong

ggeorge747: BTW everyone, the entire chat will be available later as a transcript.

danavc: I meant greg

t2x1r1: has your friend tried it

ggeorge747: Anyone working on Protector + landscapes?

danavc: who here is going to fest2k1

brclarke: The last I've heard no one had a Jag emulator that could run any commercial ROMs...

LordoftheBattleSphere: He says he downloaded it and played it on his flash rom

t2x1r1: i wish i could, how are the tickets selling dan?

ggeorge747: Where is Fest2K1 being held?

paolo1: I am (well, my graphic artist)

LordoftheBattleSphere: where is the fest this year?

danavc: chris, are doing the jaugualaror for the jaguar.

danavc: milwaukee,WI

LordoftheBattleSphere: if chris has a jag emulator, he must be really smart

csm3: I was just kidding, sorry,

danavc: tickets are being sold by goat store

brclarke: Just think, in a few minutes some lucky person will get what might very well be the last copy of BattleSphere available... Ohhh history in the making.

LordoftheBattleSphere: damn

ggeorge747: WI is a little too North for me. I wish we could have a show in Florida. Or even Georgia would be good.

danavc: goto goatstore.com

ggeorge747: BTW guys... This copy of BattleSphere has never been opened.

danavc: for tickets to jagfest2k1

ggeorge747: Never been played... (of course)

ggeorge747: It's never even been touched by my hand!

danavc: I've already got a copy of bs

ggeorge747: The last person to touch this box was Scott LeGrand.

t2x1r1: how come t-birds not here?

LordoftheBattleSphere: how many people here still haven't managed to get a copy of bs?

ggeorge747: It's been wrapped in the original bubble wrap since he sent it to me last year.

LordoftheBattleSphere: t-bird, is that that really rude doug guy?

t2x1r1: i don't have one.......yet

atari321: I don't have a copy

brclarke: I think there are quite a few Jaggy fans who have never even seen BS, never mind own a copy.

ggeorge747: I asked all of them to be here tonight. I didn't even get a response from them.

csm3: I've been waiting thoes 10 to go on auction for awhile

LordoftheBattleSphere: wow, that sucks, I couldn't buy one either.

ggeorge747: Are you guys ready for the final CD?

danavc: well,I'm going to check my e-mail and surf the net while but I'll be back

LordoftheBattleSphere: chris: did you get a copy yet?

ggeorge747: The last CD goes to...

t2x1r1: it seems those 10 will never be auctioned off

ggeorge747: David Matthews here?

csm3: no

LordoftheBattleSphere: I once emailed doug buy he never replied

ggeorge747: Ok, let's try again...

ggeorge747: Charles Nill here?

ggeorge747: This is why you should be here...

t2x1r1: i'm still here

ggeorge747: Mark Opasanick?

ggeorge747: Who are you, T2XLRL? You must be in the BattleSphere drawing to win a CD.

LordoftheBattleSphere: How does BattleSphere compare to Star Wars Starfighter?

LordoftheBattleSphere: My friend says the PS2 is much better than the jag

LordoftheBattleSphere: I don't believe him

t2x1r1: i'm anthony macdonald, but i already won a cd

csm3: good

ggeorge747: Who is here between Chris S., Aaron B., Jeff M. and Martin C.?

ggeorge747: Ok Tony.

LordoftheBattleSphere: Is Jeff Minter here? Wow

atari321:J.M. here

csm3: Chris S

csm3: Chris S

ggeorge747: Jeff Miller.

ggeorge747: Ok. Let's draw then...

atari321: Yes

csm3: right here

LordoftheBattleSphere: Damn, I wanted to ask Yak what his next Nuon game would be

ggeorge747: Jeff, you've won the last Atari CD! Congrats!

brclarke: drum roll the big moment is here...

atari321: Thanks.How do I get it?

ggeorge747: If anyone else is interested in a CD, email me!

LordoftheBattleSphere: So who's winning the BattleSphere?

paolo1: Now, let's make the Hystory...

t2x1r1: everyone cross your fingers

ggeorge747: Jeff, I'll mail it to you. Email me with your address.

ggeorge747: Here is the moment we've been waiting for...

LordoftheBattleSphere: If you threw a jaguar and a PS2 off a building, which one would hit the ground first?

atari321: okay

ggeorge747: My wife is going to draw...

brclarke: According to the laws of physics, they'd both hit at the same time, Michael.

ggeorge747: And the winner is...

danavc: I'm back

ggeorge747: Jeff Miller has won the BattleSphere game!

atari321: Oh my god!

t2x1r1: congrats

brclarke: Awww! Lucky bugger! :-)

paolo1: Wll, congratulations! It has been really fun.

ggeorge747: Congratulations Jeff!

LordoftheBattleSphere: Yo....

LordoftheBattleSphere: I've got some hot BS carts which I'll sell directly to anyone that was crazy enough to come here tonight and didn't already have one...

atari321: This is unbelievable.Sorry to those who didn't win.

LordoftheBattleSphere: The rest are going to auction...

atari_rob: congrats, Jeff.

LordoftheBattleSphere: I'll let you figure out who this is :-)

t2x1r1: t-bird?

ggeorge747: I wish I could give everyone a BattleSphere game.

LordoftheBattleSphere: close

t2x1r1: BSB?

LordoftheBattleSphere: I wish we didn't have to auction them myself...

LordoftheBattleSphere: ding ding ding

LordoftheBattleSphere: but the danged collectors are using the things to make money

LordoftheBattleSphere: Who's taking?

csm3: hey I'll buy one

t2x1r1: so is there any news on the auction

t2x1r1: on the other had I'll buy one

atari321: This is the first raffle I've won in my whole life!It's better than winning the lottery!

LordoftheBattleSphere: Chris: email me... They're $79.95 plus shipping...

ggeorge747: T-Bird, could you email me with the JDR address? Or have Scott or Steph email me?

LordoftheBattleSphere: That's the whole point... You guys get to skip the auction

LordoftheBattleSphere: I'm not T-Bird

csm3: Sweet

t2x1r1: can I get one?

LordoftheBattleSphere: Just go to their web site www.jdf.org

ggeorge747: Well Jeff, I hope you enjoy it. Email me so we can get your story for TAT.

LordoftheBattleSphere: email me at varelse@best.com

ggeorge747: Cool. Thanks. Is there a BattleSphere fund or anything?

LordoftheBattleSphere: Not specifically

LordoftheBattleSphere: Now since this transcript is going to be public, I only see two people taking the offer

LordoftheBattleSphere: Anyone else?

ggeorge747: A reminder that most of the entry fees for the drawing are going to the JDR foundation.

brclarke: I'll take your offer. Expect to see my e-mail to varelse@best.com

ggeorge747: You're offering more BattleSphere carts for $79.95 + shipping?

paolo1: Excuse me, but I can't understand well. Is this a joke that you are selling BS cartridges?

t2x1r1: Thanks Greg, and BSB. I sent an email to you.

ggeorge747: Well, Paolo, he did work on the game after all.

LordoftheBattleSphere: Nope

LordoftheBattleSphere: not a joke...

LordoftheBattleSphere: I don't get many opportunities to find out who the speculators trying to resell battlesphere these days and the guys who really want it are...

paolo1: Oh well, then I'd like to buy a cart.

ggeorge747: I think this is a crowd who really wants it, T-Bird.

t2x1r1: Thanks again, I'm outta here.

LordoftheBattleSphere: email me...

ggeorge747: Later...

brclarke: I'm outta here too. Don't forget to look at the sky tonight - maybe the aurora will be acting up again!!

LordoftheBattleSphere: Well, I'm outta here... Congrats Jeff!!!

LordoftheBattleSphere: later guys

ggeorge747: See yuh TBird. Thanks for dropping by.

brclarke: That's BSB, not T-Bird...



ggeorge747: Jeff, let me congratulate you again. Please be good to this game!

paolo1: I think this has been a really smart move to came here to check who is really interested in this game without speculating.

atari_rob: Jeff how many times did you enter to end up winning Battlesphere?

atari321: I'll guard it with my life!

ggeorge747: Contestant info is on the TAT website.

atari321: I must admit, I only gave $10!

ggeorge747: Nothing personal though. (Got your email Jeff.)

atari321: Should I check for a response?

paolo1: Thank you all for the chat. I had fun. It is sooo late here (3:30 AM) but it was fun.

ggeorge747: Jeff, I just want you to play and enjoy it. The poor guy's been wrapped up in bubble wrap for too long!

ggeorge747: Jeff, I'll get back with you soon. I'll send an interview of some kind.

danavc: anybody here

ggeorge747: Paolo, thanks for staying up late.

ggeorge747: Perhaps you'll win the next draw!

atari321: That I will.(I've been waiting quite a few years for this game!)

aberger30: anyone still around?

ggeorge747: Some are here, but we're dwindling fast.

aberger30: so who won the drawings?

ggeorge747: Jeff Miller won the BattleSphere game.

paolo1: You know Greg, I just need one cartridge

paolo1: But I will SURELY enjoy the ATARI CD :-)

aberger30: cool..who won the other things? there were other things wasn't there?

ggeorge747: Paolo, I wish I had another one for you to buy. Yes, enjoy the Atari CD. Don't worry about postage.

ggeorge747: Remember, Scott was here earlier offering BattleSphere carts for $79.95.

ggeorge747: The transcript for this chat will be available soon, so you can find out who won what.

paolo1: I just sent an e-mail to him!

ggeorge747: Paolo, let me know when you get one. I'd really like to know.

ggeorge747: Ok guys. That about wraps it up for TAT's first BattleSphere drawing.

ggeorge747: This was fun and I hope everyone who truly wants one gets a copy of BattleSphere.

ggeorge747: Bye everyone.


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