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BattleSphere Junk - The Atari Times

BattleSphere Junk

What is all that stuff floating in space?
by Gregory D. George

March 1, 2001
Those of you who were lucky enough to get your hands on a copy of BattleSphere know how much fun this game is. Everyone who has played it raves about it.

BattleSphere also has many secrets in the form of codes. But there's another batch of secrets you may not have noticed while playing. All the "stars" that fly past are actually space junk! And thanks to a borrowed video capture card, I've managed to place most of the junk into a single image.

Starting from the top left, I'd say that this object looks like some kind of computerized tablet. If I'm not mistaken, Atari designed something exactly like this. But, it's really a 3DO!

The next object looks like some kind of barbell. But I've been calling it 'Discovery' because of the similarity to the ship in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Several items look likenothing more than pieces off of a ship. There is the orange flake (that was probably a hull fragment), a bent wire, a brace, a tube, and another hull fragment. I thought the tube was a fairly interesting component, but look at the only red object in the junk pile. It's a can of Coke! Who knew these alien races would be drinking soda in the future? Not to mention a HUMAN soda!

Perhaps the Coke can is just a metaphor Scatologic threw into the game that means, "We had do drink a lot of these for this game!"

After the Coke can comes another piece of someone's hull, but it's the next object that caught my attention. It looks like some kind of ball or orb or... Sphere! I bet it's a helmet!

And lastly, we have the spring. Poor innocent little spring. Why oh why were you thrust into the BS void? I do not know, perhaps you have meaning as well? Spring means life, but the 'sphere means death...

There are other weird objects floating around in BS space. Spend a little time and see what you find. You may even see a game console... :-)

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